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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Microwave Jam?

Where did today go?  Can someone please tell me?  Yes, I may have snuggled further and further under my duvet this morning (it was cold!) but still... How is it already late afternoon?

I had such plans for today...  It's not that it was a bad day, it just went a different direction than the day I had planned.  The happiest detour was a visit from a friend and her two gorgeous kids.

Double dose of gorgeousness through the kitchen window!
The other visitor, our new resident hedgehog, dozing after his fresh feijoa feast.

I had planned to whip up a batch of apple and feijoa jam in the early afternoon, as I had a microwave recipe that as meant to be a breeze.  I had images of me happily bottling up this jam, as my feijoa, ginger and vanilla jam bubbled away on the stove, all while effortlessly entertaining my friend and her kids... I could even sing sweetly and make it all look very effortless and Martha-esque.   

HA!  Not so at all!

I followed the recipe to the letter.  It did not work.  I attribute it to the 'cooking times may vary according to microwave' disclaimer.

It was promising.  I had such lovely firm fruit and gorgeous apples, all happily dappled by sunlight on my kitchen table.

It was lovely sitting in the sunshine while prepping the fruit.
I'm getting a bit fed up with the sideways photos.  Anyways, 2 cups of mashed feijoas, 2 cups of peeled chopped apples and 1/2 a cup of water.  I popped it in the microwave for 20 minutes on high, as per the directions.

Then mash, mash, mash and add 3 cups of sugar.  I also put in three tablespoons of lemon juice.

Stir, stir, stir until the sugar dissolves (it had that lovely, glossy sugar sheen that I'm starting to become very familiar with.)  Pop back in the microwave for 15 min (HA!)
 After about 30 min in the microwave, it still hadn't reached setting point and I got fed up.

I tipped it in my trusty pot, added another squeeze of lemon juice and let it bubble away until I knew it was about right.

Done and delicious.  Unfortunately, I've almost run out of jars now.
Next time, I'll stick to the pot.  I was right to be skeptical of microwave jam... but I suppose it was worth a shot.  Didn't get the other one made though.  Maybe later on tonight?  I did pick another bag of feijoas this afternoon.

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